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The start-up phase: between 8 to 10 days

The first days of the ducklings’ lives determine their breeding potential. Starter feed should contain raw materials easy to digest. Experts of Grimaud Frères advise that ducklings should be given a diet composed of highly digestible nutrients and additives.

The growth phase: for up to 8 to 10 weeks

When entering the growth phase, the feed takes the form of pellets which prevent the segregation of vitamin and trace mineral intakes in the feed. Nutrition during this phase should meet the primary needs of ducks. The aim is not to fatten them up excessively.

The breeding phase

The feed provided is slightly less concentrated. Thus, a breeder with good bone reserves will lay eggs with hard shells determining the quality of ducklings. At the end of this phase the growth potential of the female duck’s ovarian cluster and duck testicles is established.

Deviating from growth targets can result in deficiencies, causing ossification problems. Conversely, overweight females will have difficulties laying, and males that are too fat will have fertility problems. With the right feed, Grimaud Frères experts guarantee that a female has the potential to produce 252 eggs and 206 ducklings over the laying period.

The laying phase

When female ducks enter the laying period, their diet varies. At the start, the ducks still need to grow, so provide them with a feed that is richer in protein and with a higher energy intake. At the end of laying, the amount of protein is reduced and calcium is increased. Be careful if males and females are kept together do not increase the calcium too much, this could be detrimental to sperm production. Above all, the first food essential to the life of ducks is water.

Robert Wehrlen, the parental production manager, states: “At Grimaud Frères, we have an expert nutritionist and technical teams to help you with personal dietary recommendations.”

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