The risks of self-renewal

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Self-renewal is using the birds of one’s own breeding stock, dedicated to meat production, as breeding animals. While in the short term, this course of action may be financially advantageous, it can prove to be short-sighted : poor performance, lower fertility, malformation of eggshells, etc. Magali Blanchet, R&D Director of Grimaud Frères explains the risks associated with this practice. 

Self-breeding of birds : savings are not necessarily to be made

Your poultry farm is pretty efficient. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to breed the descendants of this batch yourself?

Commercial ducks, geese or pigeons are selected according to criteria that are specific for their purpose: meat production at the lowest cost. When birds with common ancestors are mated, frequently more vulnerable progeny, less resistant to infections are obtained. Organic dysfunction may occur in initial inbreeding. Moreover, because commercial animals are not made for breeding, their laying performance will not be optimal and shell quality and fertility will be degraded.

The heterosis effect : diversity increases performance

The breeder’s job is to create chicks whose parents are from distant bloodlines to diversify their ancestry and to obtain healthy and vigorous poultry thanks to the heterosis effect. The chicks supplied are the result of long and painstaking selection work based on highly precise criteria and indicators, and a cross-breeding strategy that will guarantee their performance.

The latest genetics

Being supplied by a breeder means ensuring the latest generations of selected animals are raised, the result of more than 5 years’ research. The animals are selected according to market criteria and consumer expectations. Breeding ducks and commercial ducks are produced, respectively, from work that guarantees each person’s role: the first ensures the production of breeding animals, the others, meat production at the lowest cost. So it would be wiser to allow everyone to fulfil the role that is theirs!

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