A simplified guinea fowl market for an improved service

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An offer adapted to the market:

French production is the main driver of the guinea fowl market with a segmentation varying between standard, label, organic and farmers market. Since the 1980s, production in France has experienced many ups and downs, and has recently slumped by 40%. Of the historic range of products offered by a number of French breeders –  Galor, Le Sayec, Beghin, Goubin, ISA, Grimaud, Hendrix – Grimaud is now the only guinea fowl breeder.

The merger of Grimaud and Galor in 2013 enabled the 2 historic Galor and Essor product ranges to be preserved.

To improve efficiency and to optimise our selection and production means, we have decided to market only the Galor range from September 2022.  Product comparison studies and results from in the field showed a very high similarity between the results for the Galor range and the Essor range.

By combining the versatility of the Galor range with a more fluid supply chain, we are able to meet all of the market’s needs.

A solid and sustainable offer

The product lines in the Essor range will keep their identity. Their selection programmes will be preserved but will be more restricted. We refer to this as a preserved product line or a product line under development. We are also maintaining lines with no or limited marketing to contend with any future shifts in the markets: autosex lines, black leg lines, black feather lines, and now Essor lines. Moreover, to protect the sector against health risks, our selection takes place in parallel at our 2 separate sites in Amboise and Chapelle-glain.

A comprehensive and specialised offer

The guinea fowl maintains a specific place in the poultry sector and in French gastronomy.  Our selection ensures in particular that its qualities are maintained: its game appearance, its firm and pure-bred meat.  It must also be capable of competing with other poultry-for-meat productions. We are looking at how to better transform feed on a daily basis. Our latest results in the field show a gain of 10 g per year in the consumption index.

The improvement in yield after slaughter into a single section or into high-quality cuts is a key way to reduce the impact of breeding on the environment and create savings in the sector.

The integration and continuous research into innovative tools such as the scanner, and RFID tags coupled with measurements in situ in typical breeding or slaughtering situations offer an agile and robust selection scheme.

Our efforts are focused on the selection and production of the GALOR range to better meet the needs of the sector, to rise to current and future challenges, and to promote the guinea fowl standard.

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