Animal welfare at grimaud frères

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Robert Wehrlen talks about Grimaud Frères’ practices in favour of animal welfare based on the 5 pillars of the World Organisation for Animal Welfare.


Robert Wehrlen, GP and PS Breeder production director


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Animal welfare at grimaud frères

To meet societal expectations France, Europe and the OIE have written rules to define animal welfare.
The 5 freedoms of references for animal welfare are given by the World Organization for Animal Health.

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injuries or illness
  • Freedom to express natural behaviours specifics to the species
  • Freedom from experiencing fear or distress


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It is essential to limit human intervention

It is essential to limit human intervention and approach as close as possible to natural behavior.
We pay particular attention to the training of farmers and employees, especially for handling animals.

We are signataries of the SNA.
Also, we obtained the code-EFABAR (European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders) approval, which guarantee animal welfare from selection to delivery of the animals to the farm.

Evaluation animal care

In animal husbandry, we use the EBENE audits developed by ITAVI, which allow us to evaluate animal welfare. Grimaud Frères is committed to caring for animals. First of all, because it is the basis for the expression of animal potential. An animal that develops in comfort expresses its full potential.

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