Thermo®Tool, the app that measures the thermal comfort of your animals

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How can I estimate the impact of heat stress in my farm without measuring tools?

The Thermo®Too application objectively estimates the risk of heat stress and the economic losses generated during hot periods. Benefit from species-specific advice.

Estimate the risk of heat stress

from an indicator: the THI (Temperature Humidity Index).

Benefit from risk forecasts

for the next 5 days in order to take the necessary precautions.

Evaluate the performance losses

releated to these heat periods and the economic consequences that result from them.
Thermo®Tool, the heat stress management application


For a finer approach, it’s possible to connect sensors to Thermotool to find out the THI of your livestock building.

For ruminants, it is possible to correct the THI by integrating the air speed, which significantly improves the accuracy of the technical-economic consequences.

Finally, receive notifications on your phone or emails on your computer in order to intervene quickly if necessary!

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