How to Measure The Temperature of The Piglets Lying Area

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In this video, Michel Launay, Technical Manager Europe, is focused on the key point of checking the temperature on piglet’s lying area under their heat lamp.


Michel Launay


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Today, the advice in farrowing is how to measure the temperature in the piglets lying area under the heat lamp. Proper temperature in this area is important for the comfort of the piglets at birth and when not nursing.

Equipment needed

To take this measurement, you will need an infrared thermometer. The purpose of measuring the temperature in this area is to insure that the piglets have sufficient warmth under the heat lamp at birth and when not nursing.

Measuring the temperature

From 60 cm (2 feet) away from the lying area, point the thermometer at the area under the heat lamp and take the temperature. The desired temperature should be between 30 and 34 °C (86 and 93 °F).

Heat lamp adjustment

If necessary, adjust the height of the lamp to achieve the desired temperature.

Temperature recommendations

Choice recommends between 30 and 34 °C (86 and 93°F) from farrowing to day 4 and between 28 and 30 °C (82 and 86 °F) after day 4.

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